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19th Century Playwrights
Old Theatre
A type of ancient theater generally manifest in the Near East at the beginning of our era

Asadour, Zabel
Baronian, Hagop
Demirchyan, Derenik
Shant, Levon
Shirvanzade, Aleksandr
Sundukian, Gabriel
The playwrights listed here are those with at least one play translated into English. Numerous other 19th century Armenian writers published plays which have not yet been translated into English. This body of untranslated work includes plays by Vahan Totovents (1894-1938), author of the lyrical memoir Scenes from an Armenian Childhood; Mkrtich Pesiktaslean (1828-1868), one of the founders of the Armenian theatre of Constantinople who wrote dramas in both classical and modern Armenian; and Tovmas Terzean (1840-1909) who wrote the libretto for the first Armenian opera, Arshak II, which remains in the opera repertory today. The Armenian Dramatic Arts Alliance will strive to commission new English translations of selected plays.
Source: A Reference Guide to Modern Armenian Literature, 1500-1920, compiled and with an Introduction by Kevork Bardakjian (Detroit, 2000).



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