The following Parajanov photos from the collection of Boyakjian family - (Courtesy of Varteni) Paradjanov inTiflis after his exileSergei Paradjanov with close friend

Sergei Paradjanov and friend

Valerie's Marionettes

(All photos below courtesy of Varteni)

Valerie Boyakhjian, marionettle maker (and friend of Parajanov) Mid.1990's, Tiflis, Georgia
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Valerie's Marionettes

Vahram Elmayan

Ancient Gods by Levon Shant, Hye Tadron, directed by Torkom Srabian

Vahram Elmayan, best known in the US for his role in Baghdassar Aghpar

. Vahram Elmayan, Berj Fazliyan, seated middle
Inci Sinemasi in Taksim, Istanbul, 1949

Vahram Elmayan as Baghdassar Aghpar, NewYork, 1979-1980

Vahram Elmayan in NewYork during 1980's

Vahram Elmayan and Arpiar Elmayan, The cast of Baghdassar Aghbar, NewYork

Inci Sinemas "Hay Tadron" in Istanbul, Torkon Srabian - Director, 1948